The healthy plate: Food, sleep, sport and well-being

When a chef and a doctor meet, discussions on food, gourmet food, weight, sport, ecology and well-being on the plate intertwine for an innovative and holistic approach to health.Chef Thierry Marx and Dr Alexandra Dalu have pooled their knowledge to offer us in this practical book the keys to good health, to a healthy diet without going through the preaching of a diet and its frustrations, but by listening to oneself and to common sense: This book is a practical guide to healthy eating, without preaching a diet and its frustrations, but rather by listening to oneself and common sense: healthy, tasty, quick and affordable everyday recipes, simple and effective exercises to be practised 10 minutes a day, basic rules for a good night’s sleep, the question of weight: can it be ideal, and interviews with professionals in the fields of agri-food engineering and ecology, neuroscience, sports sociology and the media.