No frustrating, monotonous, or restrictive diets: we establish a re-balancing of eating habits, look at hormones if necessary, with base line values, promoting a healthy long-term weight, with out the “yo-yo” effect.

We prevent the onset of chronic disorders linked to obesity and being overweight through follow-up and medical check-ups. We evaluate the potential co-morbidities of obesity and the metabolic syndrome with the support of a medical multidisciplinary network: a stress test with a Cardiologist, respiratory function exploration and sleep apnea syndrome exams with a respirologist. Other exams are recommended according to each particular case. Collaboration between a team of coaches and kinesiologists specialized in reforming the figure is a part of our overall management of obesity. Patient care could include pre- or post-operative Bariatric surgery (sleeve, by-pass, gastric band). Improve daily life hygiene by simply and effectively rebalancing the diet, and reestablishing sleep quality necessary to maintain a healthy weight, allowing your figure to obtain harmonious curves at any age.


Chemical peels for the body

An exfoliating solution is applied to the back, shoulders, neck area, buttock folds, needs, elbows, back of the hands, in order to improve the appearance, radiance, elasticity, softness and to revitalize.

Mesotherapy for the body: cellulite and drainage

Well recommended in the treatment of the interior of the arms, thighs and legs against skin loosening, it also improves their appearance. Mesotherapy works on the microcirculation of the legs – from the upper thighs to the feet – and the cellulite of lower extremities. A complex phytotherapeutic draining agent is injected in the skin in order to stimulate, by its antioxidant action, the collagen, microcirculation, lymphatic drainage and lipolysis. The overall appearance of the skin is improved, it is firmer, more elastic, and smoother on the surface. The fatty deposits become decongested, and the skin texture improves.Dimpling fades and the silhouette thins out.

  • A local anti-cellulite treatment to improve appearance and consistency of skin dimpling, MESO-LIPOLYSIS
  • Vascular treatment to improve particularly, venous-lymphatic drainage following a Doppler ultrasound of lower extremities, MESODRAIN Treatment of scars which have formed keloids, or post-operative scarring, or all other forms of scars

Stretch marks

Treatment is multifaceted and different according to the chronicity and color. Dermatological cosmetic creams, LASER, LED, and mesotherapy can be planned to improve the appearance and soften the texture.


Laser therapy

The word “laser” is an acronym that stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

According to the technique and wavelength of the laser, we target the hair (permanent laser hair removal), the veins(treatment of telangiectasias), the dermis (photo rejuvenation and skin tightening), in order to obtain the appropriate and desired result.

Radiofrequency (RF) is a technique of diathermy that has a skin rejuvenating effect. It transforms electric energy into heat inside the body. RF improves capillary microcirculation, lymphatic and fibroblast activity, which synthesizes more collagen and conjunctive tissue with more elasticity. It has a firming effect on the relaxation of the inner surfaces of the arms and thighs, and corrects cellulite.


Chemical peeling techniques and laser depigmentation are used to remove dark spots from the dorsal surfaces. With proper care, the light chemical peel improves the quality and radiance of the skin and mesotherapy enhances its elasticity and softness. Grooves are filled in with hyaluronic acid.