Mesotherapy is a French technique invented in 1952 aimed at superficial, small quantity injections in a targeted area.

The therapeutic mixes used are truly anti-inflammatory, anti- edematous, decongestant, stress relieving, anti-fibrotic, revitalizing with vitamins and trace elements, and phytotherapeutics. Mesotherapy has a multitude of therapeutic applications in medicine, if they are well dealt with and evaluated through a thorough medical examination. It is a very good complement to several medical and paramedical visits.

Mesotherapy: solution for pain and functional disorders

It is a solution for sharp pain and chronic for rheumatological disorders: sprains, post-fracture pain, algoneurodystrophy, arthritis, torticollis, myalgia and arthralgia…It could be quite useful before a rehabilitation therapy session with a kinesiologist or an osteopath. It improves the efficiency and speed of the recovery. In vascular medicine, it is used to curb the deficient veno-lymphatic state in the lower extremities. It is also indicated in the treatment of migraines, stress, mood disorders, insomnia, “mesostress,” problems with digestion, and menstrual cramps.

Mesotherapy in anti-aging and cosmetic medicine

Cosmetic mesotherapy produces very beautiful results and represents a treatment technique well adapted for a daily beauty routine, at any age, and as a complement to other treatments. Mesotherapy perpetuates the effects of deep injections and can be combined with chemical peels (mesopeels) for optimal results. We inject as well, very close to dermal cells, very small quantities of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and trace elements, in order to stimulate the regeneration of the facial dermis, neck, chest area, and back of the hands. This mesolift technique permits the deep hydration of skin areas lacking in brightness or firmness no matter the age or the sex. It is simply used in the prevention of elasticity loss through monthly treatments to conserve good skin