Multidisciplinary Weight Management

There is no frustrating, monotonous or restrictive diet regardless of age, sex or weight to lose. Improve daily lifestyle with simple and effective food balance, which allows to obtain a healthy weight in the long term, without YOYO effect. Restoring a quality of sleep necessary to maintain a healthy weight, and prescribed physical exercises adapted to its way of life, which make it possible to harmonize the shape of the body.
For example, weight management (your usual body weight) is improved by taking care of sugar and salt addictions, food allergies and intolerances, micronutrient deficiencies, eating disorders , Sleep disorders, insufficient physical exercise, stress management, end of tobacco, pain and possible illnesses found . In women, consideration is given to the impact on weight of a problem of thyroid, dysmenorrhea ( menstrual disorder ) as found in the polycystic ovary syndrome, Adenomysoe and endometriosis. Towards the age of 45/50, hormonal disturbances will be considered: menopause (woman), andropause (man) after a review of the gynecologist, Urologist respectively.

Prevent the onset of chronic diseases related to Obesity and overweight through medical follow-up and medical check-ups. The co-morbidities of obesity, prediabetes, diabetes and metabolic syndrome , with the help of the multidisciplinary medical network, are evaluated for the cardiologist’s Than the search for sleep apnea syndrome in pneumologist or ENT. Other examinations are recommended depending on the case. Bad sleep gets bigger, so we restore a good sleep to lose weight naturally during the night.
Patient management may be considered in the pre- and postoperative stages of a bariatric surgery (sleeve, by-pass, ring) to overcome micronutrient deficiencies, cryolipolysis, liposuction, and anti-cellulite mesotherapy and drainage.

Preparation of the sportsman of any level in dietetics

With an optimal qualitative and quantitative food supply, the mental and physical energy potential is improved. Dietary supplements are prescribed to complete the general condition.
Possible muscular pains and injuries can be prevented by basic hygiene-dietetic rules. Mesotherapy for pain (superficial injection) can be of great help in the recovery of tendinitis, sprain and cramps after a possible balance in the orthopedic surgeon.