Scalp mesotherapy or mesopecia for men and women

Its principal indication is hair loss and hair regrowth, and the improvement of its shine, softness, and thickness. A complex revitalizer is injected into the superficial layer of the scalp in order to better the seborrheic and oxygenation state of the scalp thanks to micro stimulation of the blood vessels. Likewise, we bring directly to the hair follicle matrix, nutritious elements necessary for its resistance and growth. This therapy is recommended in periods of overexertion, psychological stress, seasonal hair loss, post partum, and following hair implants as it complements other allopathic, nutritional, and cosmetic treatments.

LED therapy for hair

The light permits hair growth stimulation and improves its resistance. It prevents hair loss following all forms of psychological or physical stress occurring a few months after the causing factor…general anesthesia, post-partum, emotional shock, seasonal hair loss, menopause, and also post hair grafting in order to stimulate re-growth.

Anti-aging treatment for hair

A medical based anti-aging assessment is prescribed and a treatment protocol, or cosmetic care for the scalp, is elaborated in detail.