How does one keep a young body and a vibrant spirit in spite of the passing years? A significant amount of medical advancements allow those who wish, to remain in an optimal state of health and well-being at each stage of life. Preventive medicine is the guarantee of this futuristic medicine.

It is essential to comprehend that the “marriage” of food is the guarantee of a balanced, healthy diet: we don’t remove anything but we better your food association. Food supplements and phytotherapy can be a non-negligible therapeutic source while under medical supervision, to regulate appetite, augment natural detoxification capacities (liver, kidneys, intestines), improve sleep quality and digestion, maintain beautiful skin, stop smoking, and increase athletic or memorization capacities, etc.

Anti-aging medecine consultation

  • The doctor interviews the patient to find out personal and family medical history (diseases, operations, accidents, medications taken, lifestyle) and likewise any present potential disorders.
  • Furthermore, a questionnaire is used to determine the biological age, to further specify the concerns and issues and orient them towards a clinical examination and blood tests.
  • Finally, the clinical examination of the patient is carried out to check vascular, cardiac, neurological, digestive, and joint function.
  • We look for signs of aging on the skin as well (loss of elasticity and lack of skin hydration, wrinkles, muscular relaxation, sun spots, dark circles, etc.)

Anti-aging assesment

At the close of this 1st consultation the doctor plans an anti-aging assessment that is comprised of, on a case-by-case basis :

  • A nutritional assessmentA hormonal assessmentFatty acid status
  • Oxidative stress assessment (anti-free radical assessment)
  • Specialized additional examinations (radiology, cardiac stress test, Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs), bone density, tympanometry, etc.)

This anti-aging assessment specifies weather or not the overall aging of the body (biological age) is consistent with the real age (chronological age).

Anti-aging personalized program

During the 2nd consultation, on the basis of the analysis of various assessments, the doctor proposes a personalized program consisting of, by case and if needed, the following items :

  • Balancing of nutrition
  • Physical activity adapted to each individual (taking into account eventual pathologies)
  • Treatment of insomnia
  • Hormonal balancing
  • Contribution of nutritional supplements (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and anti-oxidants)
  • Cosmetically aimed treatments to diminish outward signs of aging (hydraulic acid, botulinum toxin, chemical peeling, face/ body/ hair mesotherapy, LED lamp…)