What is the cost of the consultation and what is the cost of social security?

No act of morphological and anti-age medicine, dietetic, aesthetic and mesotherapy, is supported by social security. It is advisable to get closer to your mutual insurance company to know the amounts of reimbursement possibly provided in these cases.

How to make an appointment?

The appointment can be made simply on the site by accessing this page (link to the agenda). Simply click on an available time range (white range) and then fill in the information required to make an appointment. You can also remove your appointment and reposition it in case of major unavailability, while taking into account respectful deadlines towards the practice and your physician as to their organization. After 3 unjustified absences (not prevented), the Doctolib site blocks appointments automatically. You should then contact the firm directly to make an appointment.
After making an appointment, you will receive an email and a confirmation SMS at the address and phone number you indicate.

How does the treatment of hair loss take place?

All medical management of hair loss involves: a clinical examination in the office, a blood test prescribed by the doctor (vitamins, trace elements and hormones) to be made in the laboratory, a treatment adapted as required following the analysis Results, mesotherapy sessions combined with an LED session in the office (treatment by light).

How does the consultation of morphological / anti-aging medicine take place?

Each estimate is provided in a personalized and adapted way after a clinical examination according to the patient’s request: injection, peeling, mesolift, mesotherapy, anti-cellulite mesotherapy, treatment of hair loss, dietetics and nutrition.

To think of it in consultation on the day of the injection: The soothing and moisturizing spray and creams are applied to the cabinet, however, if you prefer your personal effects such as your foundation and your pocket of ice, you can bring them back to the On the day of injection. You can also apply half an hour before the injection, an anesthetic cream delivered by your pharmacist. No injection will be given if aspirin is taken on D-Day and the previous week (risk of hematoma).

Medical confidentiality

Medical confidentiality is a guarantee of respect and trust between the patient, the doctor and the doctor. No examination or diagnostic results are provided by telephone, SMS, post or mail. It is advisable to come to the office to see his doctor in consultation. Patient consultations are possible if this is the choice of patients, and any minor must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Practical medical advice in general

In all cases, it is useful to bring to the doctor your latest blood tests, your imaging balances (radio, echo, scanner, MRI), medication orders in progress, taking dietary supplements , Or any other medical documents that may be used for your care. It is advisable, if you can, to write down on a small notebook (5 days) everything you eat and drink, and bring it back as a logbook to your doctor to perfect your overall care.