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Dr. Alexandra Dalu: Nutritionist, Anti-Aging and Mesotherapy

Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Cometics, Anti-Aging, Mesotherapy, Sleep Disorder.

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Alexandra Dalu

Nutritionist (specializing in nutrition), Sports Nutrition, Aesthetics, Anti-aging, Pain Mesotherapy, Sleep Disorder.

Prevention is better than cure, as the old saying goes. This adage is still relevant now perhaps more than ever.

Scientific studies show that just looking young makes us live longer and happier. Anti-aging medicine allows us to keep looking young, healthy and happy throughout our life.

One significant factor in aging is the slow decline of our cells’ capacity to combat oxydation.

Our body has natural physiological defenses against free radicals and a major part of these defenses come from our food.

Thanks to scientific research, we now know that certain foods offer genuine protection for our organism, thanks to their high nutritional value.

It is therefore important for each one of us to look after our daily micro-nutrients intake in order to stay healthy and to slow down the signs of aging.

Though medicine is a science, it can also be considered an art.

Thus, esthetic medicine brings together a combination of medical techniques that slow down skin aging while preserving a natural look. Hence, it is advisable to consult a doctor who will select the right choice of current medical techniques, this choice will depend on the patients’ own wishes, on their facial structure and morphotype. The ultimate objective is to find the perfect harmony between age, health and appearance.


Boxing stereotypes

We hear everything and its opposite about physical activity. And the clichés are stubborn. But what is really happening?

100 accepted ideas that keep you from going well!

Diet, sleep, sports, hormones, intestines, brain ...: Dr. Alexandra Dalu sift through the 100 most common misconceptions widespread. With scientific arguments, it invites us to change our behavior and to apply concrete advice to adopt a better lifestyle and take our health in hand.


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Daily feeding in photos! Lots of balanced meals!


How to keep a young body and a keen mind, despite the passing time? No secret, method!



There is no frustrating or restrictive diet, regardless of age or weight to lose …



Whatever your age, for men and women who want a simple and fast treatment …



Mesotherapy finds a multitude of therapeutic applications in medicine …


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Le Docteur Dalu m’a guéri de 40 ans d’eczéma en 5 jours, après avoir consulté des dizaines de dermatologues, acupuncteurs, homéopathes et j’en passe. Jamais aucun médecin ne m’avait préconisé un bilan biologique. Son diagnostique a été rapide et brillant. La cause a été traité puis avec une alimentation équilibrée en suppriment le sucre, je suis aujourd’hui totalement guéri, cela fait 5 mois et je revis. Infiniment reconnaissante, je recommande vivement.
Julie Cousin
Enfin un médecin qui va au bout des choses ! Un bilan global pour déceler le problème au-delà des apparences. A recommander les yeux fermés.
Tiphaine NEVEU

Un accompagnement comme je n’en avait jamais eu, détox et destress au top. Parfait pour mon rythme pro/perso.

Nicolas Laustriat

Excellent médecin à l’écoute, d’excellent conseils.


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