We hear everything and its opposite about physical activity. And the clichés are stubborn. But what is really happening? Author of the book « Les 100 idées reçues qui vous empêchent d’aller bien » “The 100 accepted ideas that prevent you from going well” (ed. Leduc.s) prefaced by Teddy Riner, Dr. Alexandra Dalu lists in particular the false affirmations on the sport. She comes back on five of them.

If a young person does too much sport, it slows down its growth

The OMS remind that in order to remain in good health but also to value self-esteem and social bond, 5/17 year-olds must do 1 hour of daily physical activity. To cause growth problems, it would take more than 20 hours per week!


To take “whey”, is to doper

The whey is a set of proteins powder of very good quality, essential for the protection of the muscles, useful if we do a lot of sport. Indeed, a physiological proteolysis, it means a destruction of the proteins, occurs naturally during the effort, so they must be replaced. There are rice or pea powders that are suitable for vegetarians. But whey brings micronutrients with very high nutritional value and quickly absorbed to decrease mental and physical fatigue.


If you sweat, you lose weight

When we perspire we lose the weight that corresponds to a certain volume of physiological water. This loss does not correspond to a fatty or muscular cast. This volume is quickly filled by drinking water rich in trace elements and minerals.


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